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if I loved you less // a knighthouse mix [listen]

true love p!nk | lucky jason mraz & colbie caillat | young, dumb and in love mat kearney | fine by me andy grammer | i wanna dance with somebody whitney houston | skydive jason reeves | i choose you sara bareilles | thinking out loud ed sheeran | once in a lifetime landon austin | smile uncle kracker | perfect hedley | you & i (nobody in the world) john legend | sooner or later mat kearney

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    Supernatural leaked song from the 200th Episode






The title says it all ~

I can’t wait for the musical even more now!

It describes Supernatural so well, I don’t blame them for picking this song! 

Sounds like a song for Dean or Castiel :D

I found it on Youtube and I wanted to share it with you guys :) 

Enjoy this and please, thank me later~ ;D

so of course the title got my attention, so i started listening and i was nodding along thinking “okay this sounds creepy and dramatic this’ll be good in the episode” and then i fucking lost it


I just. Lost. My. Shit… and no, I’m not picking it back up.









4x01 vs 5x16

#john winchester can go fuck himself on a stalagmite (x)

fucking John

Reason #483 to not like John Winchester

Dean’s face in the last gif is the face of an abused child, so don’t you fucking dare defend John Winchester to me.

He was more traumatized by what his father did than by what happened to him in hell of all places and if that’s not fucked up I don’t know what is

And there are those who say it’s just a headcanon, that we are seeing what’s not there. I’ve been told this myself when I said Dean stepped in, taking shit for Sam (it’s what I did for my younger sister) and was told I was wrong, that there was no canon proof. I didn’t argue, didn’t even respond because if you can’t see it here then nothing I can say would make a difference. Make excuses all you want, the truth is John was abusive.

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